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Kelli Taylor, DVM, CAC, CVA

Equine Athletic Rehabilitation, Pain Management, & Performance Enahancement
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Chiropractic evaluations
Acupuncture treatments
Low Level Laser Therapy
Preventative care
We are no longer able to take on new clients solely for preventative care - we are happy to provide any of the following services if Dr. Kelli will also be seeing your horse for bodywork
Wellness Exams                                                                                           $60

Wellness exams are annual or semi-annual exams performed to ensure your horses' optimum health.  All wellness exams include a complete physcial exam, which evaluates your horses cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and musculoskeletal systems, along with an oral exam to ensure dental and oral health, and a nutritional consultation because optimum health begins with nutrition! 
Brand Inspections                                                                               $40-120

Dr. Kelli can provide one-way, annual or lifetime brand inspections for your horse. 

Health Certificates                                                                                       $65

Dr. Kelli can provide a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for your horse if you are planning to travel across state lines.  The cost of the health certificate includes a comprehensive physical exam.
Coggins Testing                                                                                             $40

Dr. Kelli can collect a blood sample from your horse and send it to an approved laboratory with a normal turn-around time of 48 hours.

Vaccinations                                                                                          $10-$40

Dr. Kelli will work with you, taking into consideration your horse's current living environment and lifestyle, to develop an individual vaccination plan specific for your horse's unique situation.  Not all horses require all vaccinations and Dr. Kelli believes in a minimalistic approach  to ensure that your horse is not only protected from preventable diseases but that over-vaccination and subsequent vaccinosis issues are avoided as much as possible.
De-worming                                                                                              $10-25

Parasite resistance to our available chemical dewormers has been quickly growing over the past several years, because of this our approach to de-worming our horses must also change.  Dr. Kelli is now recommending a minimalistic approach to de-worming that includes testing your horse's manure for the presence of parasites prior to de-worming.  If parasites are found, a de-wormer specific to the parasite present will be prescribed and a de-worming plan for the year will be formulated for your horse.