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Kelli Taylor, DVM, CAC, CVA

Equine Athletic Rehabilitation, Pain Management, & Performance Enahancement
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Be mindful.
For now, forget the start point,
the end point,
and the mechanics of method.
Trace the pattern.
See. Learn. Heal. 


~Dr. Michael Salewski

Acupuncture treatments, chiropractic evaluations, and cold laser therapy also available for small animals!
Holistic care

"(W)holistic" means taking in the whole picture of the patient—the environment, the disease pattern, the relationship of pet with owner—and developing a treatment protocol using a wide range of therapies for healing the patient. 
  Gentle, compassionate, kind. 

The techniques used in holistic medicine are gentle, minimally invasive, and incorporate patient well-being and stress reduction. Holistic thinking is centered on love, empathy and respect.